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5 Tips for a Successful LinkedIn Profile

Many of us struggle with creating a strong profile that truly markets our capabilities and strengths. I recently met with an established recruiter, Paul Mosley of Penobscot Executive Search, and together we reviewed my profile.  I wanted to share with you a few tips to ensure that you are maximizing this social tool to its FULLEST potential.

Tip#1: Photograph:  Use a professional, business-like photograph of yourself. You are on the world’s largest business networking website - you WANT people to see who you are. Stay away from casual pictures. For men, this means a dress shirt and tie, and for women, a blouse or a business jacket.  And, of course, you are smiling!  Pictures can give the right message or wrong message:  this could be your first contact with your next employer and you want to make the right first professional impression.

Tip#2: Title: Make sure they understand what you currently do and what you are looking for. LinkedIn now includes your job title within profile title tags.

Tip#3 Summary: The summary needs to be short but compelling. Integrate keywords that your target market would use to find you in Google. Remember, write from the first person. You don’t want to come off as too impersonal.

Tip#4 Employment: Use powerful words that describe your contribution to the company. For example, ‘Designed,’ ‘Implemented,’ or ‘Directed.’ Quantify your achievements by using numbers and hard measures whenever you can. You are trying to show the reader the value you can bring to their company. Very important note: don’t forget to include challenging circumstances such as “reached 100% of sales goals while customer count was down by 20% over previous year.”

Tip #5 Skills and Expertise:  The Skills and Expertise box is a valuable tool for potential empoyers to use in searching you out on LinkedIn. These skills and expertise words are used to seek potential employees based on expertise or the particular job opportunity. Make sure that you list as many skills and capabilities as you have so that you can leverage this powerful tool. LinkedIn allows you to have up t0 50 skills or capabilities.

The goals are to give the reader enough information to showcase your skills and to peek their interest but not offer them everything. You want the reader to seek you out for additional information.

LinkedIn is an invaluable tool when it comes to promoting who you are and what you can offer. If written properly, the reader should be able to picture you in their company and what value you could bring to them.

If you have any comments, feel free to leave them. I also want to thank Paul P. Mosley of Penobscot Executive Search for this valuable input.

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