Leadership Management & Training for the 21st Century

LMT 21 The Vision for the Future

About the Author

20 years as a Senior Level Manager in the United States Navy.  I am an expert in improving the performance of employees, managers and organizations by applying systematic approaches to the management of human resources, employee training and their development and organizational change.  Change is the new constant in business and I look for opportunties to help those drive change into their daily culture.

20+ years of experience in learning and employee development, training, and organizational development strategies and interventions. I am an Engaging, Entertaining, Effective trainer providing workshops and seminars to over 3000 personnel through various means including but not limited to: on-site, video conferencing, webinars, streaming video, online courseware, etc.

Proven track record for finding out complex problems and solving them. I am resourceful, analytical, and inventive in implementing and developing creative solutions with improved sensitivity to efficiency, cost, and deadlines.

Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership, Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, and a Graduate Certifcate in Human Resources Management.

Passion for sharing knowledge.  Currently I am employed with the Maine State Library under a federal grant to help those who are unemployed in the state of Maine by providing workshops in helping job seekers understand how to leverage the latest technology and social media. This grant is coming to an end and I am seeking new opportunities in employee development or leadership positions.

After more than two decades spent training and managing employees and military personnel , as well as the realms of business and strategic planning – Patrick Therrien now focuses primarily on the development of people; building training and strategies to help them become the best at what they do.  Patrick also specializes in team dynamics and teaching those to understand how each individual plays an integral part in the overall success of the team.  This is done by defining how their efforts bring value to their company.

Looking for a strong leader to develop your teams, look no further and hire me.

Patrick believes that by helping others tackle challenges in new and unique ways; their lives can be changed forever.

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